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Divided We Fall: Divisions, Myths, and an Ungovernable America

Divided We Fall, by David Sonius is an academically rigorous and timely book.  Sonius gives readers a wake-up call.  Dr. Barbara Cunningham, Idaho State U.

Sonius’s enlightening book argues that it takes a well-informed and empowered public—not just responsible politicians—to keep America’s greatness.   Response Reviews, NYC 

In Divided We Fall David Sonius presents an exceptional look at our political and social times. It is a valuable read for today, as in, right this minute - yet, also one for years to come, as it offers a highly academic study, punctuated by the personal voice or anecdote where needed. Exhaustively researched, Divided We Fall should be in every poly-sci university classroom. V. Foster, author of The Risk of Sorrow