Information is Power

In keeping with our mission, RWR Politics is pleased to recommend other sources of quality information about our political culture, government, and political events.

The Party is Over

Mike Lofgren was a life-long Republican who worked as a congressional staffer for nearly three decades. In The Party is Over, Lofgren provides an insider's look at how our parties and Congress jumped "off the rails." This book should be required reading for everyone before they cast a vote.

Why American Elections Are Flawed (and how to fix them)

Pippa Norris is a Harvard scholar and the Director of the Electoral Integrity Project. The EIP studies democracies around the globe and and provides analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of various systems. Our election system is far from what it should be. This small book is a great source of factual information.

From George Wallace to Newt Gingrich: Race in the Conservative Counterrevolution, 1963-1994.

Dan T. Carter's book is a must read. Race may well be the most important force in American politics, and Carter puts the use of race as a wedge issue in an easily understood, and academically sound, short book.

The Big Sort: Why the Clustering of Like-Minded America Is Tearing Us Apart

Bill Bishop uses the talents of a skilled journalist to reveal one of the most important demographic trends in America. It is not possible to understand our current political culture without understanding the themes of The Big Sort.